A Brand New Year


So it’s resolution┬átime again. Most of us will have thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas period and are now avoiding the bathroom scales like the plague. The papers are full of New Year diets and fitness regimes, they’re unavoidable and everywhere in January. This year I refuse to sign up to some insane diet/exercise plan. It’s usually unsustainable and ends with miserable disappointment. This year I’ve come up with my own list of achievable, exercise based resolutions. They’re based on things I enjoy, and/or things that have reaped results in the past

Run for 10 minutes a day. So this is really a psychological trick. I’m a real all or nothing type of person so this cuts straight through the excuses. The hardest thing about most exercise is starting. I spend way too much time thinking about it in advance, sometimes dreading it, and that can be paralysing. The ten minute rule gets me in my running kit and once I’m off, as long as I’ve done ten minutes, I know I can stop and not feel guilty or, as is most often the case, keep on going for the sheer pleasure of it. I also only allow myself to listen to music when I’m running. If I need a little extra motivation I’m only a couple of iTunes downloads away. For extra motivation do read Ruth Field’s brilliant ‘Run Fat B!tch Run’.

FAST Exercise App (Strength)5 times a week. The FAST exercise app accompanies Michael Mosley’s FAST exercise book although you don’t need to have read the book to use the app. There are two types of exercise in the app, both HIT based. The strength section takes 7 minutes to complete, progressing to slightly longer as your strength improves. It gives great results, fast. I get this done and dusted first thing in the morning and it sets up the rest of the day beautifully.

Yoga/Pilates 10 minutes a day. I attend a Pilates class twice a week and the thing I love about it is how it teaches you to understand your body and how it moves. I also use the ‘Yoga Studio’ app by Gaiam. There aren’t many ten minute classes but I’m using the same psychological trickery as for running. Once I’m on the mat, job done really.

10000 steps a day. This isn’t a breeze but it’s eminently achievable. I use a Fitbit Alta to make sure I’ve done this.

I’ve made a few more resolutions which I’ll discuss another time and I’ll keep you updated with how I’m getting on with the ones I’ve made and whether they’ve had any effect. One extra resolution I do want to mention is that I’ve decided to keep a gratitude journal. I’m starting it this evening by way of an experiment and I’ll keep you posted. Anyway,I’d like to wish you a happy, healthy New Year and thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

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