Having A Bad Tech Day

Photograph by kind permission of Lynn Wesmael

I was immersed in a tech-mare yesterday. I realised I had an issue with my email and spent the best part of two and a half hours dealing with our internet provider. No help there, either by phone or online. You know you’ve got no hope of a resolution when they put you through to customer services. It’s like the sounding of a death knell for any hope you had of solving the problem. I spent 40 odd minutes talking to ‘customer services’, endless security questions, much grunting and rustling of paperwork (??) at their end, before I’d finally had enough. I politely (yes, really) made my excuses and hung up. This, I suspect, is the outcome they strive for, job done, case closed, another ‘satisfied’ customer.  I ran into the arms of the people who make all my tech stress disappear, those heroes of cyberspace ‘The Geek Squad’. They mopped up my tears and sorted all my problems out. Wasn’t my fault, in case you were wondering, and I wasn’t being thick, which I’m sure you were wondering, but they were able to talk me through the solution in five minutes. Why the internet people couldn’t have done that in the first place is beyond my comprehension.

That sorted, I managed to access my emails only to find my mobile phone company had added £70 to my bill which should, most defininitely, not have been there. More phone calls, more online chat etc etc. Still no resolution. How I yearn for the days of face to face conversations, of accountability, where problems were solved quickly, efficiently and directly. Those days when customer services proudly represented their company, when the buck stopped right there.

The Alpha (my husband) didn’t particularly display the amount of sympathy I felt  I deserved,  after he’d got home from work and I’d told him about my day. ” You do get so stressed out by these things,” he said,  while rifling through the fridge. He’s taking full advantage of my sympathies toward his incapacitated state but he should remember that it also renders him a slow-moving target. Being told to “chill out” or “calm down” normally has an extraordinary effect on my otherwise placid nature. It’s a bit like igniting a touch paper, an explosion follows. On this occasion I kept it together, due to the fact that I was going to have to introduce him to my new handbag. It was a bargain!! It was a third of its recommended retail price. I’m revealing neither though.

I’m being rather unfair to the Alpha. In fact,  I don’t know how he’s put up with me for all of these years. I think he finds me amusing, he once said he never knows what he’s going to come home to. Is that good? It must be because he’s kept on coming home. Anyway, I thought I’d use this as an excuse to post a picture of one of my Christmas presents from him this year.


And yes there were two shoes in the box !

Today, I’m having some curtains and blinds fitted. The material on the blinds has apparently been sewn on back to front. I’m writing this blog because I’m avoiding another day of fun with another set of ‘customer services’. Nuff said, I can’t even raise the enthusiasm to add my beloved exclamation marks to the above.

My thanks to Lynn for letting me use her beautiful photograph. I know it has no relevance to the blog but it’s a lovely, calming image and I need that more than anything. Namaste y’all.

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