It’s All About The Shoes…….recreating the look without breaking the bank.

img_0255What is going on with the shoe department at M&S?? They’ve gone seriously high fashion with their Christmas range this year and now they’re on sale at really great prices. I indulged in a feeding frenzy there yesterday and now I’m deciding which ones are the keepers.

The blue and pink Manolo-esque ones (£16) are surprisingly comfortable. I’d butch these up though and wear them with some boyfriend jeans. They’re not to be taken too seriously. Think Carrie in SATC. The pink boots (£20) are totally Balenciaga. And is it my imagination or do the gold shoes(£15) have a slight air of Céline about them. I find the M&S shoe sizing comes up quite big. I’m normally a UK 5 but these are all size 4 and a half (Can you write a half as a fraction on an iPad?). Which to keep, decisions, decisions.

Taking photos of shoes and your own legs is not, it turns out, a terribly easy thing to do. I nearly got cramp in my calf. Bless the Alpha for coming to the rescue and taking these photos for me. Apologies for subjecting you to my winter-white blotchy legs, but I wanted to get this blog out quickly before the sale ends, or the sizes all disappear, so no wasting time editing and fussing endlessly over each image.

The Alpha and I decided that instead of buying each other Christmas presents this year we would, instead, go and spend a day in London together and buy what we actually wanted. He has limited shopping patience but I did manage to have some time and fun playing in the Selfridges shoe department. I tried on the Gucci fur-lined loafer/mule. It didn’t suit me, it looked as though I’d crushed a small dog. I loved the plain loafer/mule though. I do think it’s a bit of a marmite shoe. You either love it or you hate it (in case you don’t get the Marmite reference). I didn’t get the Gucci version but just look at what I found on the high street. Practically indistinguishable from the real thing!


These are by Dune and I found them in House of Fraser. Love them, super comfy and a bargain compared to their Gucci sisters (Just realised my carpet needs hoovering after seeing this photo). I had to size up to a 6 in these.

House of Fraser also sell some lovely slip ons by Steve Madden which have pearls on them. They come in both blush and black and cost £34 in their online sale. They didn’t have them in my local HOF otherwise I’d have been able to show you some photos. I had downloaded some pictures from their website and was going to post them in a beautiful collage etc. but it is actually against the law to do this unless you have permission from the copyright holder. I also can’t remember how to add a link. Is that allowed?? So no pretty pictures I’m afraid, you’ll just have to do your own homework.

The other mules I love are by Le Monde Beryl. The design is based on a traditional gondoliers slipper and they come in velvet and satin. They also come with a fairly hefty price tag, £275 for the velvet and £295 for the satin. They have limited availability on the website but it’s always worth checking the designers own website for stockists. I love the pink satin slippers. Just gorgeous.

The other big news, apparently, in the world of all things shoe is the return of the cowboy boot. Did it go away then? Actually, I’m glad of an excuse to get mine out again. I have a beautiful pair that came from the wonderfully named R Soles on the Kings Road in London. I remember walking past this shop as a fairly young child in the days when the Kings road was quite edgy. Don’t think I got the name back then. The shop only sold cowboy boots. These were not utilitarian ranch hand boots, these were beautifully hand tooled Spanish riding boots. It was practically an institution. I was so sad therefore when I passed it a few months ago and noticed it was closing down. R Soles still exists but only online now. Shame then that the cowboy boot didn’t decide to stage a come back a bit earlier.

In other news I’ve returned to ‘thrutch’ along with Kayla, aka BBG and in my case week 1 beginner. I did the ‘legs’ workout on Monday and have only just been able to walk down the stairs without wincing. Horrid it may be but it gets results and you feel so much better for doing it (once the dreaded DOMS wears off. ). It is also weirdly compelling once you’ve started using the app. I’d like to eventually do the gym programme in an actual gym but I’m not sure I’m ready for a humiliating public display of my version of a burpee. I will let you know how I progress…….

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